Up Next!

Safer at Home, that is what is next for us. At this point we are engaging in individual recreation. The River Map is up to date. We would love to hear about your trips and look at any photos you would care to share. For those up to the task, feel free chip away at any of the remaining blockages.

Big News

Whoa nelly, we have a board! Ryan Frey (secretary), Jason Pitzer (treasurer), Joe Greene (vice president), and Terry Bradshaw (president) have all been elected. It's official, we're official.

We have plenty to do and lots of places where we can use some help. Head over to Contact Us to lend a hand or give us some feedback.

Just like improving the Maunesha River, this site will get better a little at a time so check back every so often.

Thanks for visiting,

-The folks of the Maunesha River Alliance

last update: 2020-03-29