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The 2021 May Maunesha Meander Medina Meetup - Sunday, May 23
The event starts with a brief orientation/check-in at 9am at the Medina Town Hall in Marshall (634 E Main, Marshall, WI 53559), followed by vehicle staging after the orientation. Kayaks & canoes will be launched at 10am.

There are 4 designated takeout points (Whisper's Roadhouse, Waterloo Firemen's Park, the Waterloo Wildlife Area off Hwy 19, & the boat launch at Port Rd. (off Hubbleton Rd).

Participants stage their vehicle at one of the 4 takeout points, get a ride back to the Medina Town Hall, and end the day after a leisurely paddle down the lower Maunesha River. To participate, please fill out the detailed signup form below. If you have any questions don't hesitate to PM us, comment, or email us at: info@mauneshariveralliance.org.

Signup Form: https://forms.gle/WG4euXaq1mxGemtaA

Big News

Whoa nelly, we have a board! Ryan Frey (secretary), Jason Pitzer (treasurer), Joe Greene (vice president), and Terry Bradshaw (president) have all been elected. It's official, we're official.

We have plenty to do and lots of places where we can use some help. Head over to Contact Us to lend a hand or give us some feedback.

Just like improving the Maunesha River, this site will get better a little at a time so check back every so often.

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