Fastest Known Time

Draft Fastest Known Time (FKT) Guidelines - Coming Soon, Under Construction 19 June 2020

  • Water trail start and end points will be posted once they are officially established.
  • Paddling the entire trail (except "legal" portages - dam included) is necessary to have your attempt added.
  • You may paddle the water trail in either direction.
  • You may paddle solo or with a partner (i.e. Canoe or Tandem Kayak).
  • If sufficient interest, a paddle/bike option may be added.
  • Separate leaderboards or leaderboard sections will be added for unique attempt categories (e.g. Solo vs Partner, With vs Against Current, etc.).
  • Submit the form below to request for your FKT attempt to be added to the leaderboard(s).
FKT Leaderboard