We are always looking for volunteers who share our passion! Below are just a few of our have numerous opportunities:

If you'd like to get plugged in, feel free to show up at a meeting or click here to share your interest with us.

  • Water Trail Creation and Maintenance
    • Do you own and chainsaw? Are you comfortable getting your hands dirty? If so, we have something for you! Come help us complete and maintain our water trail. For a closer look, check out our water trail and blockages maps.
  • Water Guide
    • If you prefer to stay high and dry, we would love someone to show the newbies around. From helping someone to get started with paddling to showing someone around the Maunesha during one of our many events, we would love your help!
  • Event Coordination and Fundraising
    • Do your friends consider you the life of the party? Reach out and say hello! Or, are you someone who find yourself hosting the family during holidays year after year? Please pass the contact info?
  • Water Quality Testing
    • While we love recreating on the water at least as much as the next person, we love drinking water even more. Leaving the world and our water resources a little better than we found them is another passion of ours here at the MRA. If you can relate or even if you just like science, join us in collecting water quality data to help identify areas of improvement.
  • Trash Collection and Human Impact Advocacy
    • While quite unfortunate, our river is chock full with trash and other refuse, and we need your help to not only clean things up by removing the undesirable human debris but also to advocate for innovative and proactive solutions to keep the river clean! Check out our tires and trash page for some eye opening examples of human impact on our natural resource. We'd love to hear from you!
  • Media and Marketing
    • Love taking pictures? Enjoy writing news articles? Have experience developing social media content? We have a job for you! Check our our media page and our flora and fauna map for some of the work that's been done to date.
  • Community Engagement
    • Are you someone who enjoys a good challenge? Do you see yourself as an influencer who encourages others to try new things or to set wild goals? We think it would be cool to create a series of Geocaches to encourage others to explore the natural beauty of the Maunesha and its parks and wildlife areas. We'd also like to see those with a competitive streak try to set a FKT or Fastest Known Time for a one-time through paddle of our fledgling water trail. If these opportunities sound exciting to you, or if you have any others ideas, we'd love to meet you!
  • Scientific and Technical Content
    • Are you a self-proclaimed nerd? Do you have a nack for science, visualizing data, website development, or programming languages such as R? If so, we want to get to know you!